Heritage Brought to the Modern Home

Seitz builds upon the traditions that precede us—upholding modernist principles with tactile simplicity. Through honest materials and distinct techniques, we can transform our perception of everyday objects.


Made from solid European ash

The Seitz name is no stranger to craft inside 
the municipality of Berneck, Switzerland—dating
 back to 1795.

This small, yet industrious town has been home to artisans for hundreds of years—most notably for its ceramics. The Seitz family were one of many early craftsmen whose work influenced the region’s handicrafts industry. Today, this tradition continues through the preservation and modern interpretation of local Swiss techniques.

Our craftsmen’s expertise in wood, simple connections and joinery enhance the architectural design.

Meet the Collection

The inaugural collection introduces five pieces into the modern home—partnering with our family of skilled craftsmen within the cantons of Appenzell and Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.

Precise Workmanship

Our family of makers are committed to uphold the traditions of their craft—passed down from the generations before them. This passion and care instills the honesty that cannot be replicated in mass manufacturing.

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