Seitz plans
Seitz plans

The heritage of our family’s past has greatly inspired the collection we have designed for today.

The Seitz family is one of many early craftspeople whose work influenced the handicrafts industry across northern Switzerland—dating back to 1795.

Designers Kevin Seitz and Rob van Wyen strive to build upon these traditions that precede us—upholding modernist principles with tactile simplicity. Because of this strong history in craft, it’s important for the studio to carry on the tradition through the preservation and modern interpretation of local Swiss techniques.

We find great value in cultural objects that may be ubiquitous or often overlooked.

The biggest reward for us is to find a way to redefine how we may look at a seemingly mundane and sometimes dying tradition—reinvigorating its purpose and appreciation.

Kevin specifically remembers growing up with a set of furniture his grandparents received as their dowry in the 1950s. These pieces, and even one from the 1800s, are still with his grandmother today and work just as well as when they were first made. The idea of heirloom-quality furniture, passed down through generations, is one that certainly became the foundation for the studio’s design principles.

Seitz plans
Seitz plans

The joinery workshop that produces the Seitz Collection was founded in 1888 by master joiner Anton Mätzler at Kirchgass in Berneck. It has remained family-run ever since.

We truly want to create objects that can stand the test of time. As a result, we partnered with the same workshop that produced those heritage pieces for Kevin’s family—under the guise of modern simplicity.

German Design Award, Excellent Product Design, Tabletop, 2021
Espaces Contemporains, Best in Swiss Design, 2020
Espaces Contemporains, Best in Swiss Design, 2019
Monocle Magazine, Best in Class—Global, 2019
Dezeen Award Nomination, Homeware Design, 2019
ICFF Constellation Award Nomination, Seating, 2019