Studio Seitz only rolled out its inaugural collection at this year’s ICFF, but the legacy behind it dates back centuries.

When Kevin Seitz and Rob van Wyen arrived at New York’s ICFF this past May, it was to introduce Studio Seitz to the global market. But, in a sense, the brand has been around since the late 18th century. That’s when Kevin’s ancestors, the Seitz’, began the family’s long history of furniture and fixture production and design in the Swiss border town of Berneck. There, they became part of centuries’ worth of tradecraft and technique.

That heritage now plays out across the five timeless—yet distinctly modern—sustainably sourced pieces Seitz and van Wyen have designed and crafted in partnership with local producers, other members of the Seitz clan included. Making goods for the contemporary market could mark a departure for the Seitz name—but look at the dresser, the bench, the rest. There’s nothing that would prevent them from showing up in some ancient mountainside house, just as there’s nothing that would prevent them from appearing in an aggressively contemporary home, yours included.

We got Studio Seitz to take us through this combination of traditional, regional craft and careful creation for the global market.

Surface Magazine: A Brand-New Name in Swiss Furniture Design That's 225 Years Old

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